Marijuana Specific Education Classes

  • Do you “smoke weed” once in a while?”

  • Do you need pertinent marijuana information?

  • Do you believe marijuana is still a harmless drug?

Choicepoint Marijuana Education Classesmjna

Weekly Class designed to give information on the use and abuse of Marijuana

Referral Information: This is a level one educational class for early continuum users of marijuana. This class address issues of interest to all with a focus  toward employees who have tested positive for marijuana and need information to make informed decisions in the future.

Controlled Substance Education

  • THC Education

  • Designed to aid Level One THC use men and women

  • Issues addressed:

    • I only use marijuana occasionally. What is the problem?
    • How does marijuana affect my life, my brain, and my body?
    • Can cannabis use cause problems at home and on the job?
    • How does marijuana use affect my behavior and abilities?
    • What is the lastest information relating to this rapidly changing drug?
    • What are my risk areas for relapsing?
    • Is occasional use of cannabis dangerous?
    • Do I really need to change?
    • What are some ideas for making changes in my life and use of pot?

Scheduled classes: Every Tuesday from 10am to 4pm

Individual one on one class: By Appointment

Call for details or to register and fee. Space is limited: phone   for details or email:  mike at choicepointltd dot com or use the form in this post.